Jeremy Wilson

Police Department
Title: Patrol Sergeant
Phone: 972-382-2121 Ext 5014

Jeremy has been an invaluable member of the Celina Police Department since 2015, diligently serving as a Patrol Sergeant. Throughout his career, he has held significant positions such as the Sergeant of Personnel and Training, Field Training Manager, and team leader for SRT. In 2016, Jeremy also became a TCOLE instructor, showcasing his expertise in law enforcement education. His instructional capabilities span a wide array of subjects, including Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Patrol Rifle, RDS pistol, Taser (CEW), Ballistic shield, ALERRT, Less Lethal Chemical and Impact weapons, and diversionary devices, for which he holds instructor certificates. Moreover, Jeremy has received certificates for his specialized training as a Hostage Negotiator, Basic & Advanced SWAT, and Mental Health Officer, highlighting his commitment to enhancing his skills and knowledge. Furthermore, his dedication to professional growth led him to graduate from the esteemed 137th School of Police Supervision in 2022, solidifying his abilities as a capable and effective leader within the department.


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