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Defendant's Motion for Credit for Time Served

  1. Acknowledgement of Rights
    I, the undersigned defendant, do hereby enter my appearance in the above-referenced cause(s), wherein I am charged with a misdemeanor(s) in the City of Celina Municipal Court. I understand that I have the right to plead not guilty and require the State to prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a Judge or jury, the right to hire an attorney, the right to subpoena witnesses.
  2. I hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive my right to a jury trial and all other rights listed above and agree to pay the fine and costs the judge assesses. I understand that payment of the fine and costs constitutes satisfaction of the judgment and waiver of the right to appeal. I understand that my plea may result in a conviction appearing on either a criminal record or a driver’s license record.
  3. By typing my name, I adopt this as my signature and have read, affirm and agree to the information herein.
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