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Storm Uri Water Utility Bill Relief - Application for a One-Time Credit Adjustment for those who had Significant Water Consumption due to the Storm Damages

  1. Storm Uri Water Utility Bill Relief
    A Residential customer, who is billed through the City of Celina, may request a one-time water bill credit adjustment for a water “leak” caused by damage incurred during Storm Uri. The credit only applies to the excess consumption incurred from February 14 to the February 20 of 2021 due to broken pipes caused by the excess cold temperatures. Those who qualify will receive a credit for 100% the cost of the leaked water during the break. Once all documents are completed and received by the Utility Customer Service department, applications will be processed by the next billing cycle after approved.
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  4. Leak Adjustment Calculation
    If approved, the eligible consumption cost for the “leak” adjustment will be for the water consumption metered above the customer’s average as determined by the previous two weeks use. Customers are still responsible for paying for the water used less the credit. The “leak adjustment” credit is for 100% of the determined as the “leak” caused by broken pipes at the current rate adopted by Council. All credits will be applied to the following bill after the adjustment is processed.
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