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  1. Celina Business Connection

    The Celina Business Connections wants to help shine a light on Celina businesses through a Business Connection Video. Our team will... More…

  2. Celina Public Works EMERGENCY Line Locate Requests
  3. Celina Water Tower Lighting Application

    Thank you for your interest in the City of Celina’s Water Tower Lighting Program. If you are interested in lighting the Downtown Celina... More…

  4. Storm Uri Water Utility Bill Relief - Application for a One-Time Credit Adjustment for those who had Significant Water Consumption due to the Storm Damages

    A Residential customer, who is billed through the City of Celina, may request a one-time water bill credit adjustment for a water... More…

  1. Celina Podcast Request Form

    We are interested in hearing your story. Do you have a special Celina story? Did something unique bring you here? Did you move here... More…

  2. Celina Public Works Line Locate Requests
  3. Sponsor Form
  4. Vendor Application