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Neighborhood Block Party Notification

  1. Would you like a visit from our first responders?

    Please note we cannot guarantee our first responders to attend your event, attendance will be dependent upon staffing and call volume. 

  2. Reminders for Your Block Party
  3. 1. Please keep large party and event materials out of the middle of the street and as close to the curb as possible. Where possible, grills, bounce houses, large tables etc. should be kept as close to the curb as best as possible. The goal is to keep large objects out of the middle of the street should an emergency arise and police or fire units need to get down the street to respond. 

    2. You may have requested specifically either police, fire, or both to visit your party. Your request is valued by the City and while we always try to stop by as requested, please keep in mind the personnel responding are the on-duty personnel of the City and other calls or emergencies may prevent them from being able to make it. 

    3. All City of Celina Ordinances and current state mandates shall be enforced. 

    Thank you for your notification of your party and we hope you have a fun and safe event! 

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