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  1. Celina Podcast Request Form

    We are interested in hearing your story. Do you have a special Celina story? Did something unique bring you here? Did you move here... More…

  2. Downtown Celina Live Music Grant

    Live music is a goal in Downtown Celina. Businesses may apply for up to $1000 per venue to assist in developing live music in their... More…

  3. HOA Facilities Request

    The City of Celina is committed to serving our community HOAs. If you have an upcoming meeting, please fill out the form below to... More…

  4. Neighborhood Block Party Notification

    The City of Celina wants you to have a great block party! Notifying the City of your block party assists us in keeping your community... More…

  1. City Speakers/Guests
  2. HOA Directory Form
  3. Hometown Hero Application