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Station Tours and Visits

  1. Station Tours & Visits

    Visit to your location

    • To be eligible to book a visit the location must be within our fire response districts (within Celina city limits)
    • Our visits to your location are limited to 30 minutes and crews will  remain outdoors. 
    • We will provide plastic fire hats/stickers for all children attending the visit. .
    • Our visiting crews are 'in service' so an emergency response call may alter their time of arrival or departure.

    We do ask that you make your request at least 10 days in advance to allow ample time to notify the crew on duty.

    Station Tours

    Meet our firefighters and check out the fire engines, ambulances and see the living area where the firefighters stay when not responding to calls. 

    • Visitors will be guided by a Celina Firefighter
    • Children may be given a plastic fire helmet and badge sticker

    Complete the online request form to schedule your visit at the fire station of your choice.  We do ask that you request your visit at least 7 days in advance to allow time to notify the crew on duty the day of your visit.

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