How does Celina calculate winter wastewater rates?

The City of Celina will begin to calculate each resident's wastewater volume utilizing the Winter Average rate method effective on water bills beginning in July 2022.

Winter Average is determined by averaging the usage of water for December, January, February, and March of each calendar year. These are typically the lowest four months of usage each year, and will be used to calculate residential charges for the following 12 months. Residents living in a new home that does not have any water usage during the four-month period will be charged a consumer average rate of 5,000 gallons per month until the next calculation process takes place.

Celina residents will have the opportunity to reduce their utility bill by monitoring water usage during the winter months as well as practicing water conservation techniques and repairing any leaks in their system. Residents can take self-monitor their water usage data by signing up for MyCelinaH20. Please visit to access your water usage data online from anywhere.

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