How to Handle Your Ticket

FORMS (Requests & Submittals)  Follow the instructions indicated on the applicable form.

The following MUST plea before the Judge in Open Court.  Juveniles & Minors:  A court date will be mailed to the address listed on the ticket.
  • Juveniles - All Offenses
  • Minor Alcohol Offenses
  • Assault Family Violence (Contact the Court Clerk for information.)  

​Allow 3 business days for the court to receive your ticket.   
Can I handle my ticket without going to court? 

In most cases, yes.  Refer to the following information.     


Can my ticket be dismissed? 

If your ticket does not qualify for a dismissal, review the plea information and determine your plea. 

After you determine your plea, review and select one of the four options to handle your ticket.
Option #1:  Pay Ticket - Final Judgment (No Contest or Guilty Plea)

Refer to the Offense Fee Chart to obtain the amount.  Be advised that payment will result in a conviction and forfeits any right to request a Driving Safety Course or Deferred Disposition for possible dismissal of your ticket. A conviction of an offense under a traffic law of this State or political subdivision of this State may be reported to DPS.
  • Online:  Pay in full online at or call The Payment Group at


    (Plea Form not required.  Payment must be made by the defendant.)  
  • Mail(1) Download and fill out the Plea Form, or fill out the Plea Form on your ticket; (2) Check or money order payable to Celina Municipal Court.  
  • In PersonForms of payment:  Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Card.  (A convenience fee applies to debit or credit card transactions.)

Option #2:  Request a Driving Safety Course (No Contest or Guilty Plea)

Option #3:  Request Deferred Disposition  (No Contest or Guilty Plea)

Option #4:  Set for Trial  (Not Guilty Plea) 

  • Download and fill out the Plea Formor fill out the Plea Form on your ticket.  Plea form can be submitted by email, mail, or in person.  Once a court date is determined, a docket notice will be mailed to the address on file with the court.


If you qualify, the Judge may allow you to pay the fees in installments.  If you are determined by the Judge to have insufficient resources or income to pay, the Judge may provide you other ways to discharge the fine and costs.  Contact the Court Clerk for information.

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For additional information, refer to PLEA INFORMATION.