Alarm Registration

The City of Celina has implemented a new program to reduce the number of false alarm activations in the city. This program requires all alarm owners to register their home and commercial alarms.

How do I register my alarm system? 

Please complete the online registration form at You may also contact the Celina False Alarm Reduction Program at (855) 664-4539, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

What is the cost of an alarm permit registration? 

An alarm permit registration/renewal cost is $35.00 for residential locations and $100.00 for commercial locations. 

Who is required to have an alarm permit/license? 

Everyone operating a monitored or non-monitored audible alarm system inside the jurisdictional boundaries of the Celina Police Department is required to register their alarm system. 

What is a false alarm? 

The City of Celina Alarm Ordinance defines a false alarm as: “an alarm notification to summon a Public Safety Response and there is no evidence of a need for a Public Safety Response.” 

What are the fines associated with false alarms? 

False alarm activations within a floating year will result as follows: Registered Burglar(Active; Expiring) 

1 to 3 $0 

4 to 5 $50 

6 to 7 $75

 8+ $100 

Registered Panic (Active, Expiring) 1 to 2 $0 3+ $75 Registered Robbery (Active, Expiring) 1 to 2 $0 3+ $75 

Will I be charged for alarm activations that are not false?

No, you will never be charged for an alarm activation that is not false. This ordinance allows charges for false alarms only. 

Alarm Ordinance 2017-63 is available online.  Please review it in order to remain in compliance.

Your assistance with reducing the number of false alarms is greatly appreciated!