Motorcycle Unit


The Celina Police Department has undergone a remarkable evolution, highlighted by a significant enhancement to its Traffic Section that came to fruition in the fall of 2023. A defining milestone in this journey was the introduction of a dedicated unit featuring two advanced BMW R 1250 RT-P motorcycles. These cutting-edge vehicles symbolize the department's enduring dedication to elevating road safety and fortifying traffic enforcement. Renowned for their exceptional agility and rapid response capabilities, these BMW motorcycles have enabled Celina's Traffic Section officers to navigate through traffic intricacies with unparalleled expertise, ensuring prompt emergency responses and efficient accident scene management. Beyond their operational prowess, these motorcycles have become a symbol of community engagement, enabling officers to cultivate deeper connections with residents and embody the principles of community policing. Emphasizing the importance of traffic enforcement, the BMW R 1250 RT-P motorcycles have redefined the division's approach, serving as formidable deterrents to violations and steadfast promoters of road safety consciousness. The chapter that unfolded in the fall of 2023 stands as a testament to the Celina Police Department's commitment to progress, with the Traffic Section firmly positioned at the forefront, equipped with state-of-the-art resources to uphold the town's streets' safety for generations to come.