Tattoo & Beard Policy

At the Celina Police Department, we understand the importance of personal expression while maintaining a professional appearance. Our policies regarding tattoos and facial hair strike a balance between individuality and the high standards we uphold. Here's what you need to know:


We recognize that many individuals have tattoos as a form of self-expression. However, we have guidelines in place to ensure that tattoos do not compromise the professional image of our officers. Here are some guidelines to consider when applying with the Celina Police Department:

  1. The following tattoos, body art, and brands are prejudicial to good order and are prohibited for all employees, regardless of visibility:
    a. Extremist
    b. Indecent
    c. Sexist
    d. Racist
  2. Officers are prohibited from having tattoos on any part of the hands, neck, face, head, eyelids, mouth and ears with the following exceptions:
    a. Tattoo of the wedding band on a ring finger.
    b. Permanent facial make-up on the eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips that is conservative.
  3. Any tattoo(s) or body art or brand that implies a negative bias toward any group will cause the employee to be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
  4. The department reserves the right to require employees to conceal their tattoo(s) or body art or brands if deemed necessary to conform with evolving community standards, attitudes, or beliefs. This policy and its exceptions do not grant permanent approval to display any tattoo(s) or body art or brands subsequently deemed unacceptable for display and employees may be required to cover them at any time.

Facial Hair: 

We understand that facial hair can be a personal choice and a way for individuals to express themselves. However, we have specific guidelines to maintain a professional appearance. Here are some guidelines to consider when applying with the Celina Police Department:

  1. Mustaches: Mustaches must be neatly trimmed and may not extend beyond the top lip. If worn alone, they should not extend down further than the corners of the mouth. Extreme styles like "Handle-bar" mustaches are prohibited. 
  2. Goatees: Goatees are allowed but must be worn with a mustache. The cheeks, jawline, and neck must remain clean-shaven. 
  3. Natural Beards: Natural beards are permitted but must be worn with a mustache. They should cover the complete jawline, with cheeks shaved on and above the cheekbone, and the neck shaved on and below the Adam's apple. 
  4. Prohibited styles: Chin strap beards, patchy beards, beards that take excessive time to grow, and designer stubble (beards shorter than 1/16th of an inch) are not permitted. 
  5. General Restrictions: Facial hair must be neatly sculpted and trimmed at all times. The bulk of the beard should not exceed an inch, and no potion should be exceptionally longer than the rest. Designs shaved into facial hair are not allowed. Claiming constant growth to avoid regular shaving is not acceptable.

Our supervisors play an essential role in ensuring compliance with these policies. They will ensure that officers conform to the approved styles of facial hair and retain final approval and judgment on whether facial hair is acceptable in appearance.

Contact a recruiter to obtain a copy of the full policy regarding tattoos and beards.

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