Organizational Assessment

As one of the most exciting and thriving cities in the State of Texas, the City of Celina has a robust development plan and growth strategy. The City has a strong desire of ensuring sustainable growth that supports our Strategic Plans and requested an independent review from Strategic Government Resources (SGR) to assess Celina’s readiness for growth that is aligned with our Mission, Vision, and Goals.

The project assessed the current state of our ability to achieve our Strategic Goals and meet community requirements in the areas of Customer Service, Financial Stewardship, Service Delivery, Safety, and People. This includes key performance measures, timely service, efficient use of resources, and creating a great work environment. Results showed that the Executive Leadership Team has successfully created the foundation that will allow for wise and strategic growth that supports the Strategic Goals and plans of the City.

The infrastructure is in place for roads, utilities, engineering, economic development, and resources. Constructively, the report showed that the highest level of concern from the residents polled included their fear of growth at too rapid of a pace, too few roads to sustain the growth, and a potential loss of the heritage and rural feel of the City. To keep up with demand, residents suggested an expansion of the Parks & Recreation programming, continue attracting more businesses and retail options, and more recreational offerings including pickleball, splash pads, and more parks and trails.

Recommendations from the study included an expansion of the City’s leadership development program for all staff, the strategic building of a five-year organizational chart to keep up with ever-growing staff needs, conducting a formal compensation review for all staff levels, and the development by each staff leader of a development and retention plan for their department.

All of these are high priorities for the City staff and suggested areas for improvement are being addressed as this report is posted. As these items are completed, the City of Celina will be an even greater place to live, work, and raise a family.