Town Halls

A Town Hall Meeting is a way for the City Staff and City Council to meet with residents to discuss the topics that are affecting them. Town Halls also give the community a chance to learn more about the latest news and updates surrounding the City. The next four Town Hall meetings will be to discuss specific topics that residents have stated are of the highest priority.

Infrastructure: Streets

The City is growing at a fast pace and infrastructure improvements are critical to keeping up with the growth and the quality of life expectations of residents. Results of the 2022 Community Survey showed that infrastructure was a top priority and challenge for residents. Below are the topics to be discussed:

  • Overview of infrastructure improvements city-wide
  • Where we have been – projects that have been completed
  • Capital projects under design and construction (1 to 2 years out)
  • Maintenance of current infrastructure (Public Works)
  • Mapping City street responsibility versus TxDot responsibility

Future Town Halls

  • Parks & Open Spaces
  • Downtown
  • Development Obligations