Master Plans/Studies

Master planning efforts are a critical component of the Strategic Plan. These plans and studies are used to carry out these goals of the Strategic Plan and ensure that the City Council is making informed decisions about the future of Celina. Please review the master plans and studies currently in program as well as links to the City's completed plans.

Arts & Culture Master Plan

Arts & Culture Master Plan 2023 - Adopted September City Council Meeting

The City has a rich heritage of arts and culture dating back to the early 1900s. In an effort to build and expand opportunities for arts and culture, City Council has awarded the master plan study to Keen Independent Research, a national leader in arts and culture master planning. During this master plan, Keen has researched our unique history, our agricultural heritage, and military community.

The Arts & Culture Master Plan fulfills the Strategic Plan goals of Be the Unique City and Be the City of the Future, Connected to its Past. A well-planned arts and culture scene provides unique destination for residents and visitors, as well as opportunities for learning about Celina’s heritage.

The Arts & Culture Master Plan will be a guide map used by City Staff, Fine Arts Board, and City Council as a vision for public art, cultural destinations and a component of tourism and community engagement.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 12, at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers (112 N. Colorado) for another opportunity to provide feedback about the Master Plan.

Wilson Creek Park Master Plan

Wilson Creek Park Master Plan - Conceptual Alternatives (as of February 2023)

Wilson Creek Park will be Celina's next big park!  Currently, in the early stages of master planning, Wilson Creek Park is approximately 100 acres with some unique natural features to incorporate into the design.  We will provide updates to this website along the way.

Survey results were gathered from over 300 people from November 30th - December 30th, 2022. These results were used to develop preliminary concept renderings by the consultant.  A series of public meetings will be scheduled beginning February 23 and extending through the end of March to gather public input on these initial renderings.

Additional Master Plans