Strategic Plan

Our mission is to preserve our agricultural heritage and flourish as a close-knit, ever-growing Celina family during the explosive and planned growth of our City. We will provide a unique and extraordinary quality of life complemented by a significant array of high-tech and desirable businesses, agritourism assets, unique destinations, and connections.

Strategic Plan Goals

1. Be the Life Connected.
Living a Life Connected. is not just our tagline, it's our mission that extends into every decision made. Life Connected. touches on the social and physical aspects of connectivity. Objectives within this Strategic Plan goal touch upon quality of life enhancements that aim to keep residents invested long-term.

2. Be the Unique City
Celina is known for its small town charm, and nothing exhibits this better than our historic Downtown. This Strategic Plan goal seeks to preserve Celina's unique heritage through fortifying and expanding Downtown. Celina carries these unique attributes to other planning efforts around the City and infusing its agricultural past into City projects. Furthermore, this Strategic Plan goal seeks to embrace future residents through tradition and heritage efforts that share our story.

3. Be the City of the Future, Connected to its Past
How does Celina maintain its unique qualities while experiencing exponential population growth? This Strategic Plan goal seeks to connect current and future residents to Celina's unique past. Objectives in this Strategic Plan goal include recommending future projects that reflect Celina's unique culture

4. Be the City Built on Public Safety
Safety and security are two of the most basic human needs, and one of the biggest drivers of quality of life in cities. Public safety and emergency services are a strength, and we intend to fortify them.

5. Be the City of Servant Leaders
This goal speaks to our organizational culture to attract and retain the right employees in the right role, who are motivated to serve the community. The philosophy of Servant Leadership puts the needs and growth of others first.

6. Be the City of Innovative Infrastructure
Infrastructure innovation is a necessity in a high-growth city. With limited resources and a high demand for new infrastructure, a creative approach is required when addressing funding mechanisms. This Strategic Plan goal speaks to adopting innovative infrastructure policies and projects that ensures a sustainable path for growth.

7. Be the City of Small Business
Small business is one of our biggest strengths and opportunities. It represents the heart of our community, and we recognize its importance to our quality of life and economic development. Objectives in this Strategic Plan goal include adopting policies, codes, and ordinances that cultivate the right environment for small businesses to thrive.

8. Be the City that Shares Our Story
As a City, we want to share our story through what we say, what we publish, the improvements we construct, and the things we do. We want to share what we are working on, the great things happening, and who we are as a City. By infusing these communication strategies through each Strategic Plan goal, we will successfully communicate the stories, efforts, events, and information that matters to residents.