Lateral Officers

Lateral Officer Requirements

The Chief of Police or his designee will make the final determination about whether an applicant meets eligibility standards
  • At least two (2) years of continuous services as a paid full-time peace officer;
  • At least one (1) year of patrol experience to include enforcing laws, investigating crimes, making arrests and carrying a firearm;
  • Current employment, or less than one year break in service, with a municipality, sheriff's office or department of public safety that is comparable to the City of Celina;
  • No pending disciplinary actions or investigations for misconduct/criminal activity;
  • Out-of-state officers must be TCOLE certified before starting the application process;
  • and must have completed probation with current agency.

Lateral Officer Pay

3+ years of full-time experience

5+ years of full-time experience

Starts at Step 2 ($69,010)Starts at Step 3 ($71,080)

Additional Pay

  • Intermediate license per month $60
  • Advanced License per month $90
  • Master license per month $120

Lateral Officers are exempt from written test