Safety Tips

Most of us become too comfortable with our surroundings and we may have many stressors, which can make us complacent and drop our guard. When this happens, we get into the mindset of "I am fine, nothing is going to happen to me". However, things do happen to people all the time and they do not see it coming. These safety tips will help keep you safe.

1. If you are not shopping locally, and if you can, shop online. This will keep you out of traffic and the craziness of the department stores.

2. If you do shop at a department store, do it during daylight hours. If you must shop at night, make sure to park in a well-lit area. If the store offers you help to transport your items to your vehicle, let them help you. There is safety in numbers.

3. Inform family members and friends about where you are going and when you plan to return. Keep them updated if your plans change.

4. Avoid doing all of your shopping at once. This will help reduce storing items in your vehicle as you travel to different locations.

5. If you must keep items in your vehicle, make sure they are well hidden, out of view, and always lock your vehicle.

6. Never keep an unattended vehicle running. If you are not in your vehicle, make sure it is shut off and locked.

7. Do not carry a big purse. Take only what you need and keep the items hidden in your pockets.

1. Do not leave delivered packages on your front porch in plain view. If need be, have a neighbor take the package until you get home.

2. Always keep your doors and windows locked, even when you are home. Set the alarm when you are away.

3. Inform trusted family, friends, or neighbors when you will be out of town, so they can keep a watch on your home.

4. If you have something that they want and they see it, they just might take it. Keep your garage door closed when not in use. Keep your blinds and curtains closed.

5. Keep your vehicle locked, valuables hidden, and take your keys, even if you park your vehicle in the garage.

Other Safety tips
1. Never drink and drive, it is cheaper to pay for a ride home than being arrested for a DWI.

2. If the weather is bad, stay home. Driving on wet or icy roads is not worth the trip. Your family’s safety is the most important.

3. Please talk to someone and do not be afraid to ask for help. If you notice a friend or family member becoming depressed or distant during, please reach out to them, it just might save a life.

4. Do not take out your entire empty boxes at once for trash day. People might notice what types of new items you have in your home.