Hiring Process



PHASE 1 - Application

Submit an application.

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PHASE 2 - Testing

Written Examination

The written examination is administered to all applicants at the same time. Exceptions may be made for certified applicants and Lateral Transfers who are exempt from the written examination. A driver's license with a photo is required for admission to the test. The entrance exam is basic knowledge. The test is administered in five sections covering the ability to learn and apply police information, ability to observe and remember details, verbal ability, ability to follow directions, and ability to use judgment and logic. Calculators or dictionaries will not be allowed. All telecommunication devices and watch alarms must be turned off. 

Study guides can be ordered here

Physical Ability Examination

All applicants will be required to participate in a two-part physical ability examination.

Part I: Rowing Test

To successfully pass the Concept 2 Rower test, an applicant is required to complete the 2,000-meter row and achieve a minimum score of 50%, with the difficulty level set to "5." The passing score is determined based on your gender, age, and weight. All row tests will be administered by a certified tester. To determine your minimum standard for passing 50%, visit The Department of Public Safety website and follow the steps below:

Select your gender and age range then type in your weight

Under the "Desired Results" section, type in "50"

click "Calculate

Part II: Dummy Drag

Applicants must drag a 180 lbs. dummy 40 feet. There is no time limit for this event, however, your completion time will be factored into your overall score for the Physical Ability Examination. 

PHASE 3 - Oral Board

Oral Board Interview

Depending on the number of positions to be filled, candidates with acceptable backgrounds will be interviewed for the position of Police Officer by an interview panel. Eligible candidates will be given a Personal History Statement directly after the interview. 

PHASE 4  - Background Investigation

Background Investigation

Each candidate receiving a conditional offer will undergo a background investigation. 

All information will be confirmed. Any omissions or falsifications are grounds for disqualification.


Each candidate is required to submit to a polygraph examination that will be arranged by the Celina Police Department. 

PHASE 5 - Final

Chief Interview

Eligible candidates will be recommended by the Oral Board Panel to be interviewed by the Police Chief. 

Conditional Offer

Depending on the number of positions available, candidates receive a conditional offer of employment from the Police Chief. 

This offer is conditional upon passing all other steps in the hiring process.

Psychological Exam

Each candidate who passes the background investigation must pass an evaluation by a licensed psychologist (lateral candidates may be exempt).

Medical Examination

Candidates who pass both the polygraph and psychological evaluation will be required to undergo a thorough medical examination provided by the Celina Police Department. This examination will include testing for drug dependency or illegal drug use. 

Basic Pease Officer Academy 

Non-TCOLE-Certified recruits hired by the Celina Police Department will be required to attend the Basic Peace Officer academy. Celina Police Department uses but is not limited to using the Collin College Law Enforcement Academy in McKinney, Texas, or the Denton County Regional Academy. Recruits who are sponsored by the Celina Police Department will attend the Full-Time Basic Peace Officer Academy. The schedule is Monday-Friday from 0730 - 1630 and runs for approximately five months. 

Lateral Officer Applicants

Lateral entry candidates must have full-time patrol experience and must be out of probation with their current agency. If separated from the agency, have less than a 1-year break in service. Candidates with 3+ years of full-time experience start at step 2 and candidates with 5+ years of experience start at step 3 on the Celina Police Department pay scale. 

 Any applicant who fails the oral board, background investigation, psychological examination, polygraph examination, or medical/drug testing will be disqualified from testing for one year.