Neighborhood Block Party

Cities thrive because of great neighborhoods, and you are what makes a great neighbor. When we know and engage with the neighbors on our block, we help create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. One way to know your neighbors is to have a block party. If your neighborhood plans to have a block party, please fill out this form

The City of Celina encourages residents and neighborhood groups to organize block parties on their nearby residential streets through the block party notification process. Please note that a permit is not required unless a street closure is needed. If you wish to close your block, please fill out the street event permit here

What is a Neighborhood Block Party?

A block party IS

  • Open to all residents 
  • A single block closure that does not include cross streets  
  • A one-time closure of a residential street

A block party IS NOT:

  • An event that includes vendors 
  • An event with alcohol sales  
  • A street closure request on an arterial or collector street (high-capacity urban road) 

Hosting a Neighborhood Block Party

Step 1 – Decide if you need a street closure. Parties that do not require a street closure, can simply fill out the Block Party Notification form and hold the party. If a street closure is requested, please follow the below steps.

Make sure the street you want to close:

  • Is a residential street of single-family homes. While local access must be maintained, for safety purposes, vehicular traffic in and out of the closure should be limited. Residents should be allowed to leave and return to their residences as needed; however, every effort should be made to communicate with neighbors on the block to reduce vehicle traffic inside the street closure. 
  • Has a speed limit of 30 mph or less.
  • Is not part of a bus route and will not affect a traffic signal.
  • Does not have paid parking on either side of the street.
  • Is a full, single block that:
    • Does not include alleys or intersections.

Step 2 – Complete the Neighborhood Block Party Street Closure application at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the date of the event.

Step 3 – Your application has been approved!

Step 4 – Prepare to close the block:

  • Notify each neighbor on the block of the block party at least 5 days prior to the party. 
  • Have a copy of your neighborhood block party permit printed and available.

Step 6 – Safely Close Your Street and Have Fun!

It's hard to have fun if you're worried about the safety of your children and friends, so make sure you close the street before you begin!

  • Set up your block party cones and signs.
  • Agree on which adult(s) will monitor the barricades.
    • Ensure you have an assigned monitor for each end of the street. They are responsible for moving the barricades for emergency vehicles and access for residents inside the closure.
    • Remember – Affected neighbors, deliveries, and emergency vehicles are allowed to enter the closure. The success of the program and safety of your neighbors relies on hosts being alert and responsive to their needs. 

Ok, NOW it's time to have fun! We'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to share what went well, ideas for improvement, or photos from your event, please feel free to email us at

Step 7 – Clean Up and Remove Block Party Cones:

When your event is over, please make sure the street is empty of equipment and any activity debris. Clean-up is a great activity to share with all the people who participated! Be sure to remove the cones and signs and reopen the street to through traffic.  

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Block Party Resources

Need helping planning your party? Check out our block party checklist!