Employee Engagement Survey

The City of Celina is pleased to share the following results from our recent staff survey. Each year, the City offers every employee the opportunity to anonymously give feedback on their employment experience and suggestions for areas in which we can improve.

This year, we are especially grateful for the high participation rate and the improvement in many critical areas that impact our work culture and our residents’ experience with our team. The City is proud to report that 92% of the staff participated in the survey compared to the municipalities’ benchmark average of around 60%, and their responses have yielded fantastic findings.

Based on all surveys from cities around the country, our partners at TalentMap provide a benchmark, identifying an average measurement for success. In several highly-impactful areas of the survey, the City scored well above the benchmark, and in some cases, those high scores are directly related to the improvements made because of the previous survey results.

In the area of Organizational Vision, we scored 30 points above the benchmark, and 15 points above the benchmark for Organizational Engagement. Regarding Customer Focus, we scored 17 points above the average, and Senior Leadership and Teamwork both scored double-digits above the benchmark. The results also reveal areas needing improvement, and the survey revealed that our employees desire more competitive compensation and a better work/life balance. These are both being addressed through an upcoming compensation study and with management and employee training centered around the work culture at City Hall.

Please take some time to analyze these findings. These survey results show that the City of Celina is a great place to work, and this annual tool will help us continue to be a highly sought-after place for professional development, service, and success.

2023 City of Celina Employee Engagement Survey
2022 City of Celina Employee Engagement Survey