Who We Are

Life Connected.

Life Connected. is so much more than our official tagline - it's a way of life. We feature it on our logo, refer to it often, and you've likely seen it around town or on our social media pages. Life Connected. is a living, breathing adage that shapes who we are as a City.

What does Life Connected. really mean? It means creating a genuine connection between the City to all of our residents and businesses. We pride ourselves on our authentic relationships. Living Life Connected. is how we, as the City, bring life to our Core Values: Excellence, Community, Integrity, and Service, ensuring every decision about the City is made through the lens of rightful actions, honesty, transparency, and mindfulness for our future success.

Employee Engagement

One of our favorite sayings about the City of Celina is that we are a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The City takes great pride in listening to our staff members to ensure that we continue to be a great place to work. Every year, the City offers every employee the opportunity to anonymously give feedback on their employment experience and suggestions for areas in which we can improve.

Based on all surveys from cities around the country, our partners at TalentMap provide a benchmark, identifying an average measurement for success. In several highly-impactful areas of the survey, the City scored well above the benchmark, and in some cases, those high scores are directly related to the improvements made because of the previous survey results.

Energage, a nationally-recognized research company, certified the City of Celina with a pair of 2023 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Awards for Leadership and Purpose & Values. The Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Awards, which are issued by Energage and based solely on employee feedback, celebrate organizations that excel in specific areas of workplace culture. The Leadership Award celebrates organizational leaders who inspire confidence in employees and the company's direction. The Purpose & Values Award celebrates organizations that have successfully communicated the company missions and integrated those aspirations into the culture.

Core Values

The Core Values for the City of Celina were developed by City staff through a series of meetings and workshops. The values were then presented to City Council and approved. These Core Values represent our highest aspirations, our moral code, and what we are deeply passionate about. We truly believe that these are present in our organization and should remain present throughout everything we do.

• We always do our best
• We embrace innovation and efficiency while remaining good stewards of City resources
• We are accountable and take pride in our work
• We seek opportunities to learn and expand our professional horizons

• We are a unified body and work as a team
• When we disagree, we resolve it according to our Core Values
• We value and respect all employees and our customers
• We foster a culture that includes understanding, support, balance, and a sense of humor
• We embrace openness, diversity, and inclusion

• We do the right thing at all times
• We are committed to building and maintaining credibility and trust both internally and externally
• We are accountable in our words and actions
• We question actions that may be inconsistent with our Core Values

• We are selfless public servants and believe in helping others
• We treat everyone the way we wish to be treated
• We are caring and empathetic in all we do
• We work to deliver excellent service to all we encounter

Servant Leadership

The culture of the City is founded on the principle of "Servant Leadership," which is a set of behaviors and practices that turn the traditional "Power Leadership" model upside down. Instead of people working to serve the leader, the leader exists to serve the people. As a result, the practice is centered on a desire to serve and emphasizes collaboration, trust, empathy, and the ethical use of power.

The primary goal of Servant Leadership is to enhance individual growth, teamwork, and overall employee engagement and satisfaction. The servant leader is not only identified at the top of the organization but at all levels. Each employee has the responsibility of Servant Leadership. This concept facilitates an avenue and mindset for all employees to truly embrace what is best for the collective organization when decisions are made. Coupled with this mindset, we are reminded that the residents we serve are at the forefront of this model.

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