CIP Projects

What Are CIP Projects?

A capital improvement plan (CIP), or “capital improvement program” in some cases, is a short-range plan that identifies capital projects and equipment purchases, provides a planning schedule and identifies options for financing the plan. 

Within four to ten years, these plans help provide a link between a municipality, school district, parks, recreation department, and/or other local government entities using a comprehensive and strategic plan regarding the annual budget.

Helping Our City Thrive

Investments in the city of Celina go directly to building a better future for the residents of our city. Right now, there are numerous CIP projects that are currently underway that are striving to build a solid foundation for the next generation.

Preventative Maintenance

CIP projects help enhance the overall quality of life by improving physical structures, systems, and facilities that provide services to the community. This is especially true when it comes to managing and maintaining proper guidelines for continued success.

Celina has recently secured over $160 million in investments to create a more efficient system. Every cent will go into projects that help better the city, as well as preventive maintenance on projects already completed. Doing this helps prevent costly repairs later down the road that would normally require the city to spend millions of dollars to fix.

Please click HERE to access Celina's Interactive CIP Map!