Celina Small Business Assistance Program

On May 11, 2020, the Collin County Commissioners Court took the first steps to distribute the CARES Act funds and adopted the ‘Collin Cares” recovery plan which provides funding for cities’ COVID-19 costs and business recovery efforts.

The Celina City Council approved a resolution, May 26, 2020, establishing a Small Business Assistance Program that will provide short-term financial assistance grants to qualified Celina businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 


Each qualified applicant is eligible for a grant up to $25,000 for a business with less than 50 employees. Applicants must show proof of a financial loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Applicants may apply online at www.celina-tx.gov/sba.Grants will be awarded until approved funding is exhausted or the grant program is ended by the City Council, whichever occurs first. Applications will be accepted during a 14-day open period beginning on August 3, 2020, and ending on August 16, 2020.



  1. The application will be posted at 8 am August 3, 2020.
  2.  Applications will be accepted online at www.celina-tx.gov/sba during a 14-day period and will be closed on August 16, 2020, at midnight.
  3.  All submissions are public records subject to open records.


1. Be a physical, publicly accessible location within the City of Celina city limits and located with Collin County. 

2. Show proof of ownership of business. 

3. Must be in good standing with the City of Celina with respect to taxes, fees, utility payments and other financial obligations to the City. 

4. Must have a current or anticipated revenue decline beginning March 1, 2020 resulting from COVID-19 impacts. 

5. Must be a local, independent business responsible for all revenues and expenses. 

6. Must have sustained a financial loss as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and be able to provide sufficient documentation to evidence a business loss or gross revenue decline. 

7. Be authorized to do business in Texas and listed as “in existence” with the Secretary of State of Texas or provide a schedule C from their most recent tax return. 

8. Be current with property tax and sales and use tax payments. 

9. Must at all times be in compliance with all ordinances of the City of Celina unless waived by the City or its designee in writing. 

10. Must sign and agree to conditions of a Chapter 380 performance agreement with the City prior to the release of funds to the small business. 

11. Provide proof of the use of grant funds upon request by October 31, 2020 or as extended in writing by the City Manager.


1. A business is ineligible if it has received assistance from the Paycheck Protection Program or an Economic Injury Disaster Loan. 

2. An eligible franchise must be responsible on a local level for all revenue and expenses of the business. 

3. A business is ineligible if it has 51 or more employees. 

4. Businesses or Business owner(s) which have outstanding financial obligations to the City of Celina unless forgiven or suspended by the City or its designee in writing. 9.A.a Packet Pg. 988 Attachment: SBA Resolution Phase 2 (Small Business Assistance Program Phase 2)

5. The following businesses: 

Home-based businesses or those located within residential districts; Tobacco, vape and CBD stores; Banks, lending and financial institutions; and Multi-level Marketing businesses.


  1. Completed application form. The eligible business must be the applicant, but the application form must be signed by an authorized agent of the eligible business. 
  2. Documents sufficient to evidence a business loss, or other evidence of gross revenue decline beginning March 13, 2020. For example, a profit and loss statement from the same period last year and a profit and loss statement for this year is acceptable.
  3. IRS Form 941.
  4.  If federal aid has been received, documents sufficient to evidence receipt of federal aid related to the COVID-19 disaster.
  5. Other information, documentation or clarification as required by City staff administering the program. 
  6. Provide proof of ownership and provide documentation that they are authorized to do business in the State of Texas and listed as “in existence” with the Secretary of State of Texas or provide the schedule C from their most recent tax return. 
  7. An eligible business receiving a grant will be required to execute a Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement with the City of Celina.