Fire Prevention Education

Celina Fire has a clown program called C-Town LAFS

LAFS is an international organization committed to the reduction of loss of life, property and injuries caused by fire and other situations through clowning and puppetry.The LAFS Program is sponsored by the Celina Fire Department and is available to all C.I.S.D. elementary schools. We do a 45 minute assembly style program for all elementary age children (Pre K - 5th Grade) with the target being 1st through 4th grade.he clowns train very hard to teach safety lessons - and more importantly, to make learning fun. Each program teaches important life safety behaviors and with a new show each year, the LAFS clowns are able to cover many different behaviors such as: Cool A Burn, Matches and Lighters Are Tools Not Toys, Gun Safety, Swimming Safety, Wearing A Seatbelt, Calling 911, Animal Safety, Smoke Detectors, and much, much more!!!Our shows utilize different backdrops and settings each year, for example: Toy Story 4. The children are unexpected visitors and their participation and involvement is an integral part of our program.

To schedule a show, contact the Celina Fire Department at 972-382-2653.

CTOWN LAFS picture