Coronavirus FAQ's


What is the City doing?
As COVID-19 continues to spread, the City of Celina remains in daily contact with county and state health authorities. Our staff are taking appropriate precautionary measures, including conducting more frequent disinfection processes at our highly trafficked facilities.

What is a Public Health Emergency Declaration?

 A Public Health Emergency Declaration allows the City of Celina to prepare by setting up shelters, expanding operations, in the event that it’s necessary, and do a broader assessment of the City’s capacity to respond in the event that there is an outbreak.

An emergency declaration can help a government get reimbursed for the money it spent on preparedness from the state and federal government. They are usually adopted in cases of natural disasters, such as: wild fires, hurricanes, earthquakes or other major weather events. There are no presumptive cases at this time, but the City is being proactive in taking precautionary measures to protect its citizens and staff. We have created a webpage to keep you updated and will be providing you with current information an all things Corona Virus (Covid-19).

What is the County’s role?
The County health department is responsible for case investigation, follow-up with persons under monitoring, reporting to the state and control orders.

What is the City’s role?
The City supports County operations as requested and is responsible for retaining a health authority and internal response at City facilities.

What should I know about COVID-19?
The virus can be spread by coughing and sneezing, close personal contact and touching your face after touching a surface with the virus on it. Symptoms include: fever, cough, difficulty breathing and severe illness, flu-like symptoms. For more information click the CDC box on the top of the page. 

Where can I find additional information regarding Celina Parks & Recreation?
Click to view COVID-19 related Celina Parks & Recreation

Is a face mask needed? 
Follow CDC guidance. A face mask is not needed if you are well. People should use face masks if they show symptoms to prevent spread of illness to others. Healthcare workers and persons taking care of those who are ill in close settings should wear them. State Parks require masks to be worn. 

Is a vaccine available?
Not at this time.

Is there a specified treatment for this disease?
While there is no specific treatment available for COVID-19, physicians treat symptoms. Supportive care can be provided for severe cases. Please contact your local health care provider for more information.

Can I get tested for COVID-19?
Specimens would be collected by your healthcare provider if it is determined testing is needed. The testing of the specimen(s) then occurs at the CDC lab or at the State lab. Please contact your local health care provider. 

What should I use to clean surfaces?
Click to view a list of suggested effective cleaners from the Center for Biocide Chemistries 

Should I cancel my trip?
Please refer to the CDC Coronavirus Travelers information webpage. Be aware that information changes frequently.

What is community spread?
Community spread refers to people who have been infected with the virus in a specific geographic area, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected.

Can I call the state to ask more questions?
Yes, the Department of State Health Services established a COVID-19 Call Center and email box to receive questions from the general public. Their email is or you can reach the DSHS COVID-19 Call Center by dialing 1-877-570-9779. Their hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Where can businesses receive guidance in preventive health, sanitizing, etc?
The Department of State Health Services website provides guidance for businesses.

How do I know the information I’m receiving is accurate?
Be smart. Make sure you confirm news you hear about COVID-19 by checking one of the official websites shown in the boxes above on this page.