Emergency Water Shut off

Personal Shutoff Valve

Your personal shutoff valve completely turns off water to the house and may be found in one of the following locations:

  • In the crawl space, where the water line enters the home
  • Near the water heater or laundry hookup in the garage where the water line enters the wall or ceiling
  • Outside near the foundation, often protected by a concrete ring or clay pipe

Can’t Find Your Personal Shutoff Valve?
You may want to have a shutoff valve installed if it can’t be located or is in need of repair. If you have an emergency and need help shutting off your water at the meter or need help locating your meter, please contact us by email or at 972-382-2682

Supply Valves 

Supply valves are provided to shutoff service to individual appliances.
(See image for example supply valves.)

City of Celina Shutoff Valve

Your water meter is located in a concrete or plastic box in the ground, generally in front of your house and near the side property line. The city’s shutoff valve is located between the meter and the street and should only be accessed by authorized city staff. 

It is important to keep the box free of plants and roots that can obstruct or hide the meter or damage the service line.

  1. After Hours Water Emergency

Tankless Heater Shut off