Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report

Thank you for taking a few moments to read our 2021 Annual Report for the City of Celina. The Annual Report gives us an opportunity to highlight the goals and vision set forth in our Strategic Plan. We hope to give you a sense of what we have accomplished, what we are working on, and what is on the horizon for our City in this publication.

Since its establishment, Celina has grown from a tiny farming community near the Grayson County border to the most desired and valuable place to live, work, and raise a family in North Texas. It’s fair to say we experienced unprecedented growth last year. While our numbers have increased with new families and businesses moving to the area, we have managed to maintain that community spirit that has always made Celina so special.

Our community spirit was on full display at each and every event that the City held last year. Our historic Downtown Square played host to nearly 50 events beginning in March and wrapping up at our annual Christmas on the Square. These events not only gave us an opportunity to bring the community together, but it was an opportunity to welcome new faces to our City. Each event was an opportunity to showcase the Downtown area, which is both rich in history and a symbol of our expected growth. Just like Celina!

With so many new neighborhoods under development, businesses being created, and families deciding to call Celina home, I can see how we are living up to our City’s motto – Life Connected. We expect this upcoming year to be even more exciting and memorable than years past.

No matter the size of our population, Celina will continue to be known and beloved because of the size of our heart. Perhaps as you look through this Annual Report, the heart of the City – much more than just the data or statistics – will resonate with you. You will see why this place that we call home, and these people who we call family are the best of what Texas represents.

We hope you have a fantastic 2022!


Sean Terry, Mayor