Town Hall

Town Hall Meeting Documents

Town Hall Meeting

Celina Council Chambers

112 N. Colorado St.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

6:30 PM

Notice: A quorum of the City Council may or may not be in attendance. No action by the City Council will be taken at this meeting.


I. Welcome

II. Citizen survey, core values, and Strategic plan presentation

III. Citizen feedback polling

IV. Open forum

The informal dialogue of this meeting will focus on gaining feedback from residents and keeping our residents informed as we rotate between questions submitted and in-person participants. Knowledgeable city staff will be available to expand the conversation.

Why a Town Hall Meeting?
In July 2018, after considering results and feedback from the Community Survey, City Council adopted the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. Communication, marketing, branding, and education are all themes that came out of the 2018 Community Survey. The first goal identified in the plan is to "Share our Story." The City is on a mission to do a better job of sharing our story through what we say. what we publish, the improvements we construct, and the things we do. We want to share what we are working on, the great things happening in Celina, and who we are as a city. We are improving efforts online through the city website and through city social media, as well as in person to communicate the stories, efforts, events, and information that matter to Celina.