Town Hall meeting enhances two-way communication 

Town Hall Presentation


Town Hall Presentation

Notice: A quorum of the City Council may or may not be in attendance. No action by the City Council will be taken at this meeting.


City Manager Jason Laumer-introductions

Mayor Sean Terry-introdudtion of Life Connected concept

Presentation: City highlight video by Neon Cloud

Mayor Terry-CISD and City relations

CISD Superintendent Rick DeMasters-CISD and City relations

Mayor Terry-Life Connected award criteria

Presentation: Mayor Terry-Life Connected Award 

Carter Morris

Thank you for coming.  Please visit the department tables.

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July 30, 2019 Town Hall Documents 

Residents’ questions to be addressed at July 30 session

CELINA (July 24, 2019) Excitement is building throughout the City as the second Celina Town Hall meeting nears, providing citizens with the opportunity to get their questions answered either by their elected officials or City staff.

               Set for Tuesday, July 30 at 6:30 p.m., the meeting takes place at Two 29 on the Square, 229 W. Pecan St. in the downtown area.  On-street parking is readily available immediately around the meeting location.  A variety of fun activities are planned to keep kids entertained during the session. 


    “These Town Hall meetings are a direct result of our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, which clearly places communication between the City and its residents as a top priority,” says City Manager Jason Laumer.  “Our intent is to open and maintain active lines of two-way communication with our residents, inviting them to ask questions and get answers, while we work hard to disseminate information that’s important for them to know.”

               Questions on a variety of City-related topics have already been submitted via the City’s social media sites, by text and by email.  These questions will be alternated with questions posed by residents who attend the July 30 session, all of which will be addressed by the appropriate respondent representing the City’s governmental structure.

               Those questions that require answers that may necessitate further research or that are exceedingly specific in nature will either be recorded for subsequent response or taken offline, but each question will be given the appropriate consideration.

               “There are so many great things happening right now in Celina that we want to be sure everyone has the information they’re seeking,” said Laumer.  “Perhaps more importantly, though, there are things on the slightly longer horizon that will have a major impact on our City.  Our stance is that residents and business owners in Celina should be among the first to know what’s ahead.”

Town Hall Meeting Documents

Town Hall Meeting

Celina Council Chambers

112 N. Colorado St.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

6:30 PM

Notice: A quorum of the City Council may or may not be in attendance. No action by the City Council will be taken at this meeting.


I. Welcome

II. Citizen survey, core values, and Strategic plan presentation

III. Citizen feedback polling

IV. Open forum

The informal dialogue of this meeting will focus on gaining feedback from residents and keeping our residents informed as we rotate between questions submitted and in-person participants. Knowledgeable city staff will be available to expand the conversation.

Why a Town Hall Meeting?
In July 2018, after considering results and feedback from the Community Survey, City Council adopted the 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. Communication, marketing, branding, and education are all themes that came out of the 2018 Community Survey. The first goal identified in the plan is to "Share our Story." The City is on a mission to do a better job of sharing our story through what we say. what we publish, the improvements we construct, and the things we do. We want to share what we are working on, the great things happening in Celina, and who we are as a city. We are improving efforts online through the city website and through city social media, as well as in person to communicate the stories, efforts, events, and information that matter to Celina.