Two of the many basic services the City provides are to insure that the buildings in which we live and work are safe and sanitary, and that our neighborhoods are orderly, clean, and free of public nuisances. For those purposes the City has adopted various laws and policies that provide minimum standards to safeguard life, limb, and health in buildings; to extend the longevity and serviceability of buildings; to promote appropriate and compatible land uses in our neighborhoods; and to promote orderly and desirable development over time.

All building and permit related questions should be directed to our Development Coordinator, Barbara Hoskins, 972-382-2682 ext 1038.

As of Feb. 1 2018  all submittals are required to be paperless.
Please follow the submittal steps below:

  1. In MyGov software under your user name and password, "Request Project" and follow the prompts. (Contact permit office via with address if not available in MyGov.  Be sure to indicate street address, subdivision name and phase, lot # and block #).
  2. Once request is validated, upload your single file residential submittal in MyGov under "Full Submittal" in documents area - be sure documents are in the order listed above. Upload your single file Irrigation submittal in MyGov under "Irrigation" in documents area. Upload your single file Utility Service Agreement / Mustang Water SUD (if applicable) in MyGov under Utility Service Agreement.
  3. Provide the $250. review payment to activate your review. This can be done by bringing or mailing a check, or paying by credit card in your MyGov software (there will be a 3% convenience fee added to card transactions).

  1. Cruz Hernandez

    Building Official
    Phone: 972-382-2682 ext 1033

  2. Ed Fisher

    Plans Examiner
    Phone: 972-382-2682 ext 1035

  3. Barbara Hoskins

    Development Coordinator
    Phone: 972-382-2682 Ext 1038

  4. Christina Uhl

    Permit Technician
    Phone: 972-382-3371

  5. Betsy Najera

    Permit Technician
    Phone: 972-382-2682 ext 1036