City Water Rates

The City of Celina is aware that our water rates a higher than our surrounding neighbors.  We are working diligently to bring our rates in line with our neighbors.  For FY 2021, the City opted to not raise water rates and plans are in the works to keep the rates the same for FY2022.  Additionally, we are working toward implementing Winter Averaging.  We are not there yet but we anticipate rolling out the Winter Averaging soon.

Clean water is a must for a healthy and happy community. As we grow, Celina invests in having resilient water supply infrastructure such as pump stations with generators, ground and elevated water storage, along with looped water lines for full fire protection and to prevent outages. 

These investments help keep the everyday water we use free from potential contaminants and harmful pollution. As more people move to Celina, our systems need to be more streamlined in order to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. The city issues bonds to help pay for further water system development, which is then paid off by the expanding population.

An Investment in Clean Water

As an enterprise fund, all revenue generated into Celina’s water and sewer funding will be directly used for water and sewer-related items. For example, the city can’t buy fire trucks or improve parks from this fund. It is the city’s cost to provide residents water. This includes maintenance, operations, and capital costs, ensuring every cent covers the water needs for the city.

What Happens When Cities Don't Invest in Clean Water?

Cities that cut back on water infrastructure investments often run the risk of losing millions of dollars in repairs and maintenance. If efforts aren’t made to upgrade older, outdated, and worn-down facilities, issues will often arise and become far more expensive than the original upgrade.

In-City Vs. Outside City Rates

The further someone lives from Celina’s water facility, the more work is required to get them the water they need. As the city grows and our boundaries expand, more and more water is required to be delivered further from the facility. Due to this, rates outside the city may result in higher expenses.

It’s widely accepted by experts that the cost of providing water services in North Texas continues to increase. This means sinks, drinking water, water for showers and toilets, and wastewater services. Of course, the price each household pays will largely depend on location, access to freshwater, and water usage.

Water rates

Stormwater Drainage Fee

Storm Water Utility Rate Schedule

Property                                    Rate/Month 

Single Family Residential   Tier 1 $4.90

                                            Tier 2 $7.90

                                          Tier 3 $13.25

Other developed properties        $7.75 per month/ERU**

**ERU is an equivalent residential unit, which is 5,000 square feet of impervious area

What is a stormwater utility?