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Senior Tax Freeze

CELINA (May 11, 2018) At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, City Council adopted a resolution to freeze ad valorem taxes for residence homesteads owned by disabled or by persons sixty-five (65) years of age and older, beginning with the tax year 2018.

Celina homeowners 65 and older can also freeze their property taxes. As a result, no matter how much a senior property value rises, their city property taxes will stay the same.

For more information about how to freeze your property taxes, please contact your local Central Appraisal District. For Celina homeowners who live in Collin County, please visit the Collin County Central Appraisal District website. For Celina homeowners who live in Denton County, please visit the Denton County Central Appraisal District website.

Collin County Transit

Collin County Transit provides a subsidized Taxi Program for residents of Celina, McKinney, Melissa, Princeton, and Lowry Crossing who are 65 years of age or older or are disabled. This program is administered by the McKinney Urban Transit District and service is provided by Denton County Transportation Authority in partnership with Irving Holdings.

This service consists of a subsidized taxi voucher program that provides efficient transit options for participating cities.

Qualifying residents must apply to participate in the program. Once approved, eligible users can request a debit card and load funds for taxi service. The cost to the user is 25% of the card value with a limit of up to $400 per month per user. For example, a user can purchase $400 of taxi service for $100, or they can purchase a $100 of taxi service for $25. 

Residents can now enjoy the convenience of regular taxi service at a fraction of the cost to get to popular destinations such as grocery stores, senior centers, libraries, Baylor Medical Center, and anywhere throughout Collin County.

For additional information or questions about the program, eligibility or required documentation, please visit the Collin County Transit website.   

The McKinney Urban Transit District consists of representatives from the cities of Celina, McKinney, Melissa, Princeton, and Lowry Crossing. All MUTD meetings are subject to the Open Meetings Act. Agenda's and meeting minutes may be found here.

CC Transit