Alcohol Education Program(s) for Minors

 Alcohol / Drug Course Provider(s)

DO NOT take the course before it has been ordered by the Judge.

If you have not entered your plea before the Judge, it has not been ordered.

Alcohol Awareness Course is a 6-hour course and MUST be State Approved. Certificate MUST state the course is approved and regulated by one of the following:
  • Texas Education Agency (Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program)
  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (Alcohol Awareness Program)

(Classroom or Online)

Click on Link:  Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation
  • Select:  I want to take a Class or Course
  • Select:  "Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program"  CLASSROOM or ONLINE
 Alcohol-Related Community Service Hours
This information is provided as a courtesy and subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to verify course is Texas State approved. If you have questions related to a course and/or community service hours, contact the Celina Municipal Court at (972) 382-2962.
(Other alcohol-related community service may be acceptable.  Contact the court for verification.)  

Recovery Resource 
1349 Empire Central Drive, Suite 800
Dallas, TX 75247
Click on Link:  Recovery Resource
(214) 522-8600
(800) 246-HOPE (4673)
Our Programs – Community Service
Fees Apply

Dallas Challenge, Inc.

7777 Forest Lane, Suite C-410
Dallas, TX 75230
Click on Link:  Dallas Challenge, Inc.
(972) 566-4680
Program - Youth Drinking and Driving Prevention Program Course Satisfies up to 10 hours Community Service Requirement
Fees Apply