Permits, Forms and Procedures

Not sure if you need a permit? Call (972) 382-2682 or Email us for assistance. A variety of Permits, Forms and Procedures are available as downloadable PDFs. Click on any link below to access the document you need.

In accordance to Section 3.12.006 of the City of Celina Ordinances an Earthwork Permit (PDF) shall be required for all earth disturbing activities including but not limited to clearing, grubbing, grading, excavation, embankments, land developments and the moving, depositing, stockpiling or storing of soil, rock or earth materials.

If the earthwork activity is located in a floodplain, a
Floodplain Development Permit(PDF) shall be submitted in addition to the earthwork permit.

A Utility Installation Permit (PDF) is required whenever an individual, contractor or utility company needs to perform work in the public right-of-way. The purpose of the permit is to ensure that work conducted in the public right-of-way is done safely and in conformance with established standards. 811 Call Before You Dig

Other Forms
Preconstruction Agenda Packet
Temporary Road Closure Procedure