Vision, Values, and Goals

Achieve a safer community by providing dedicated service and forming partnerships with our community.
Honesty – Integrity – Honor – Transparency – Teamwork – Accountability – Respect – Communication – Leadership
Goals and Strategies
Fully implement community policing and form partnerships to achieve a safer community.
Strategies include:
  • Develop collaborative partnerships between the police department and the community.
  • Provide training on community policing to officers.
  • Integrate community policing into the policies of the department.
  • Undertake organizational change aligning the resources and personnel of the department to support community policing.
Increase the use of web-based technology and social media to enhance the department’s communication with the community.
Strategies include:
  • Provide the community with relevant and effective content on the department’s website.
  • Pursue the innovative use of social media to expand the department’s outreach and communication with the community.