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How you can help
How You Can Protect Stormwater
You should be aware of these common pollutants and how you can help  to reduce them:
  • Fertilizer - Should be applied at appropriate rates or consider organic fertilizers 
  • Hazardous Household Chemicals - City of Celina currently does not collect hazardous household chemicals, however, the City has a  voucher program with City of Frisco. Vouchers can be purchased from the permit desk located at City hall; 142 N. Ohio Drive.
  • Herbicides and Pesticides - Use only when necessary and consider natural alternatives
  • Pet Waste - Collect pet waste in parks and should consider yard cleaning
  • Pool / Spa Water - Allow water to de-chlorinate for 3 days before discharging
  • Sediment - Vegetate or mulch bare soil and protect dirt piles from washing away
  • Trash / Litter - Should not leave outside where it can be moved by wind or water
  • Vehicle Fluids - Should take precautions to not spill and dispose off properly.
  • Yard Waste - Dispose off grass clippings and leaves  or consider composting.